Shopping mall

Your advert visible to all customers

Shopping woman

Current shopping news and promotions

Information for customers

Useful information for customers

Navigation map

Navigation to points of interest

Touristic information

Touristic information

Panel Stands

We provide solutions with endless possibilities:

  • Marketing
    • Shopping malls
    • Presentation halls
    • Showcases
    • Public places
  • Information Services
    • Hotel organization and promotions
    • Restaurant current menu
    • Restaurant presentation, specialities and offers
    • Traffic information
    • Tourist information and recommendations
    • Maps, plans and navigation
    • Transport stations and airports
    • Waiting rooms
  • Business
    • Company presentation on exhibitions or company lobby
    • Meetings, workshops and presentations
    • Work flow and business processes organization
    • Presentation of new company products

Solutions customized to your needs.

You decide what content is displayed - even in the real time!

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Innovative way to attract customer's attention

  • Conferences
    • Conference area plans
    • Guides and directions
    • Discussions schedule
    • Info on currently running discussions
    • Simple way to inform about harmonogram changes
  • Education
    • Language schools
    • Grammar schools and preschool education
    • Accessibility

Conference organization
and planned events


Restaurant menu and specialities

Meetings, workshops and presentations

Meetings, workshops and presentations


Transport routes and schedules

Special offers

Special offers

Interactive presentation

Interactive presentation of your company

Wall Panel

Be visible, innovative and attract more customer's attention. Communicate interactively with your target audience. Use advantage of intuitive and simple touch interface to improve awareness of your company and gain new business opportunities.

Dynamic advertising reflects your current marketing needs - no more obsolete static banners. You decide what content and when it shall be displayed. Harness full potential of your commercial space, catch attention using technology and always actual content.

Display useful information to your customer interactively and use panel for rotating advertisement when no customer is using the device.

Touch Info Kiosk

Promo panel close up

  • Use display-only, or also simple and intuitive touch control features
  • Devices working in landscape / portrait mode
  • Full HD display
  • Casing made of metal in combination with tempered glass and plastic
  • Display panel sizes from 32" to 55" (diagonal)
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Centralized content management
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